Vertical coolers

The vertical cooler mod. RTC  made by Ca.Re.Di s.r.l. is a machine wit a wide employment on plant  that deal the working of bulk materials (ex. mill, feed mill, etc.).

The warm pellets is put in the case of the cooler through the rotary feeder.

The cold air incomes in the case through the grid of the extraction’s unit and cools the pellets. The flow that is created the bottom towards the high is given by a fan connected to the escape on the suction hood.

The case of the cooler is complete of two levels probes.

The minimal level gauge maintains the layer of the pellets in the container to a constant level. This gauge is adjustable in height for a range that changes depending to the model of the machine of the type of product cool. When the gauge is covered by the pellets the mobile screen starts up controlled by the gearmotor.

The maximum level indicator is mounted in the upper side of the case and it stops flowing of the product in the container it takes place breakdown or it wrong regulation of the adjustable screen, preventing the excessive filling.

A distributor with pyramidal shape of various dimensions is mounted under the discharge of the rotary feeder in according to the model in order to fairly divide the pellets storage in all the area of the cooler.

The vertical cooler mod. RTC made by CA.RE.DI s.r.l. can be supplied under specific demand of the customer in iron or stainless steel.


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