Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor mod. CA  made by Ca.Re.Di s.r.l. is a machine belonging to the category of the conveyors wit a wide employment on plant  that deal the working of bulk materials

(ex. mill, feed mill, oil mills, cement factories, etc.).

It can be used both in the horizontal transport and  in the strongly tilted transport.

The conveying member is composed by an coil screw, usually in steel metal, welded on its inner diameter on the drive shaft. The screw turn to the inside of  “U” case, with which it does not have to come to contact, and the rotatory movement allows the advance of the product receiving the push from the worm of the same coil. The pitch of the screw is chosen according to the kind of material to carry. According to the  employment, the pitch may be regular or variable (increasing or decreasing) in the length of the conveyor. The propeller moreover can be right-handed or left-handed according to the direction of the transport. (exists also the solution with the intermediate feeding of the material that previews the co-existence of the two possibilities).

The control member is constituted by a gearmotor, generally located on one end of the machine, transmits the movement to the motor shaft by means of  a chain drive or direct drive gear motor with hollow shaft.

The feeding or inlet of the material in the upper part of the screw conveyor, usually is carried-out by a storaging hopper  that receive the material and convey it to the inside of the conveyor. The outlet of the material is carried-out through  the discharging hoppers situated in  the lower side of the machine. It’s possible to preview the outlet of the material also before the achievement of the end of the conveyor, and in this case can be  placed openings in the lower part of the machine.


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