The sleeve filter mod. FCQ  made by Ca.Re.Di s.r.l. is a machine with a wide employment on plant  that deal the working of bulk materials (ex. mill, feed mill, oil mills, cement factories, etc.).

The sleeve filter can work when the filter works in  pressure or in depression, the dusty air comes in to the discharging hopper of the filter where, slowing down its speed, it will allow that a part of the powder (heaviest) falls early towards the bottom where will be a conveying member  (stair valve, screw) or of recovery (drum, bag).

The air containing the residual powder moves towards the high investing in the same way the filtering sleeves, to the outside of its  in which there are remains of  powders and continue its way through the Venturi pipes and in come out from the opening obtained on the cover of the filter. The sleeves, on whose external surface has deposited the powder, come washed by an air jet in counter-current according to follows cycles predetermined by an electronic  timer with multiple contacts (sequencer) that it sends to the solenoid valve the necessary electrical impulses for the opening of the passing of compressed air to the Venturi pipes.

The electric impulses time and the pause between an impulse and the other are adjustable manually by potentiometers. In the Venturi pipes the passage of the compressed air (primary flow) causes a depression zone recalling other air that is  to the inside of the cover of the filter (secondary flow).

The two flows form therefore an airflow that is moved to highest speed towards the bottom and that at the same time it crosses to the inside the sleeves, shake it and causes  the separation and the fall of powders towards the discharging hopper.



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