Buckets elevator

The bucket elevator mod. ECA  made by Ca.Re.Di s.r.l. is a machine belonging to the category of the conveyors with a wide employment on plant  that deal the working of bulk materials (ex. mill, feed mill, oil mills, cement factories, etc.).

It can be used for the raising and the vertical transport of such materials.

The conveying member is composed by buckets wrapped on two pulleys, in the upper side is situated the feeding pulley receiving the movement by the gearmotor and in the lower side there is the returning pulley.

Buckets are means of containers fixed to the belt with bolts and it can be of several size and width depending on the material to transport, the capacity and on the working environment where it are employed. The choice of buckets is very important for the machines’ capacity.

The feeding of the material, happens in the low part of the elevator (foot) by means of storaging hopper receiving the material to put in the raising section of belt. The output of the material is made on the upper part (head), thanks to the centrifugal power on the material by  buckets in movement and by the gravitational power acting on the same material.

The outlet is free, complete with junction.



ECA 50/24

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