Chain conveyor "Redler"

The chain conveyor mod. TC made by Ca.Re.Di srl is a machine belonging to the category of the conveyors with a wide employment on plant  that deal the working of bulk materials

(ex. mill, feed mill, oil mills, etc.).

It’s very important to have an equipment suitable for the horizontal transport of such materials.

It’s composed by a jointed chain complete with hooks (knowed as scraping belt) wrapped on two wheels (pinion and return).

The pinion is situated on the head of the conveyor and acts as drive wheel because receives the movement from the motor unit.

The return is situated in the tail of the same conveyor.

The conveying blades are fixed on the chain and can be of several shapes, according to the material, the capacity and the atmosphere of job in which it is employed the conveyor.

The feeding of the material, or entrance, happens near the tail of the chain conveyor, and usually is assured by a storaging hopper receiving the material, and carrying it to the inside of the case. The outlet of the material is carried-out through the discharge hopper situated in the lower side of the machine. It’s possible to preview the outlet of the material also before the achievement of the end of the conveyor, and in this case can be placed openings in the lower part of the machine.




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